Polyester Tents

If you are looking for cabin tents made from fabric other than nylon or canvas, you may want to consider a polyester tent. In many cases, they are more preferable than nylon and canvas, as it is extremely lightweight. Polyester is considered to be practically weightless. Along with nylon, it is quick drying and is an excellent shield from water.

Unlike nylon, or canvas, polyester is extremely resistant to UV rays and can provide years of usage, even in hot desert conditions. Cabin tents made of polyester will not shrink or expand with weather changes as many other fabrics, especially cotton. Yet another positive aspect, is the fact that polyester is extremely fire retardent, this is the reason that many sleeping bags are being made of polyester today.

In a polyester tent it is safer to set your tent closer to the fire, which is nice on those cold nights out on the trail. The fire retardant that is applied to polyester fabric also aids in making the fabric more breathable, yet also provides a better waterproofing quality. Polyester lends to building a sturdier cabin tent, as it is extremely rugged, possibly more so than nylon, resisting tears, cuts, and regular wear and tear that you may find with other fabrics.

One drawback to polyester cabin tents is that the fabric does not breathe all that well, which may lend to the build up of humidity or heat, but most polyester cabin tents that are being made these days provide plenty of ventilation, so this is not an issue. Polyester is one of the most sought after fabrics of makers of dome tents, cabin tents, and other types of camping shelters, this is due to the many positive aspects of the fabric. If you choose to purchase a polyester tent, it will provide year after year of camping fun.