UV-Tex 5 Tents

All manufacturers, in order to stay in business must change as the culture changes. Our society is becoming more and more aware of the risks cause by UV rays, yet loves the outdoors. In response to this, the tent industry has started using UV Tex 5, which is a new type of fabric that aids in reflecting harmful UV rays, on the market since around 1996, UV—Tex 5 has many pros, and few cons.

The first is that UV-Tex 5 will reduce the temperature of a tent by 10 %, as compared with any other commonly used tent fabric. All of this material is tested to check breath ability, water resistance, and water penetration. All the good traits of canvas, polyester, and nylon are combined into this one fabric, meaning that it will meet any need in camping that you may have. Not only is it waterproof, strong, durable, quick drying, and has good colorfastness (meaning it will not fade too fast.)

UV-Tex 5 is also extremely lightweight, much like nylon or polyester. Perhaps the most sought after trait though is the protection that UV-Tex 5 will offer against the harmful rays of the sun. Cabin tents composed of this fabric usually will outlast any other common tent fabric by four times. The fact that it is light defiant means that it will aid in keeping your tent cooler than any other fabric used in the manufacture of cabin tents.

So, if you choose a canvas cabin tent for the nostalgia, and durability factors, or if you buy a lightweight but sturdy nylon, or polyester tent; or if you choose to buy the UV-Tex 5 cabin tent, I’m sure that you will be pleased with your purchase. There are many pros for all of these fabric choices, and very few cons for each. Get out and enjoy the trail!